Rosemary BowdenCounselling and Psychotherapy in Ashtead, Surrey

What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Psychotherapy and counselling provide a safe and confidential setting in which you can explore your thoughts, worries, feelings, memories - past and present, dreams and relationships. As a therapist I aim to listen to you, to offer you the opportunity to express how you really think and feel. Together we can discover some understanding of your circumstances in such a way that enables you begin to find your own way forward. This can lead to a change in how you feel about yourself and the world around you and how you live your life.

The purpose of therapy is not only to relieve suffering, but to enable you to achieve deeper self-understanding and so begin to live more fully in the present and face the future with hope. For some people discovering a sense of self worth and a meaning for their lives is of paramount importance.

I follow the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic tradition as a counsellor and psychotherapist. This focuses on how you may be unconsciously re-enacting past experiences and feelings in your present difficulties and interactions with other people, though you may not understand why or recognise that this is happening. As we work together gradually greater understanding begins to take place and provides the foundation for change.

Therapy may help you when:-

    You are depressed, anxious or stressed or suffer from panic attacks

    You are having difficulty with relationships

    You are recovering from addiction

    You live with eating disorders

    You have experienced loss, bereavement, divorce or other trauma

    You are confused about your sexuality

    You feel your life lacks meaning or is just not worth living

    You feel held back by inappropriate anger

    You lack confidence or have low self-esteem

    You or a loved one is faced with a life threatening illness

    You suffer physical problems with no clear cause

    You seek a better understanding of yourself

    You have experienced domestic violence or other forms of abuse

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